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This is the webcam chat rooms page for free live video streaming in a group format. The "group" format means that all users who are logged in and online can see all the other users who are also available in the same chat room. If you have been chatting online for a long time you should already be familiar with this sort of a chat app setup, but the improvement in features has come a long way. On this application you can broadcast your own live video feed while also watching other live streams at the exact same time. And, you're not limited to only watching one other person, you can watch as many strangers as you would like, up to the limit of 10 cams in action. I doubt you would even want to try to watch more than ten all at once anyway, that would be a lot to pay attention to. At any rate, all of these live webcam feeds include audio, but you have the option to toggle it on and off separately for each different video stream you're watching. You probably aren't going to want to leave the microphones on for everyone you're watching if you're watching quite a few at once, unless you want to risk hurting your ears. If you want to organize a group conversation you should probably also suggest everyone use headphones in order to avoid a nonstop echo situation.

The features on this page's app are not limited to just the video chat functionality I already mentioned, there are other cool things as well, and one of them is the credit system. You can earn the credits for free just by logging on to the chat room and keeping your account online. However, if you want to keep the credits you earn forever you will need to register to make sure you don't lose them. Registration is free, quick, and easy, so it's really not a big deal. Once you've earned a bunch of credits you can then decide how you want to spend them, and there are multiple things for you to spend them on. One of the virtual goods that can be purchased is a gift. There are a lot of different gifts to select from, and you can of course send them to anyone you want in the room. You can use them to express love, appreciation, humor, or anything else you may desire. Credits can also be used to upgrade your membership. Benefits of an upgraded membership include a bolded font username with a special font color, along with your username being placed higher up the list of online users. And, the higher you are up the list the more attention you will receive, if you're into that.

There are more other cool features as well in this software, but I think I will let you discover the rest on your own. Instead of talking more about this page, I'd like to briefly go over the other cool chat room apps we have available on our site. There are two other choices you have for chatting here on this same website. One of them is a random video chat similar to Chatroulette. If you aren't familiar with the random chat format, that is when it is just you and one other person in the same chat room and then you press "next" over and over to get randomly connected to the next stranger. This is a very popular way to meet new people online. The other option we have is a random text chat which is similar to Omegle. Again, this uses the same basic format already mentioned but the difference is there is no live video involved. However, it does have an image sending capability, which if you're anything like me you will find to be very useful.